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  • World-Class Technology Solutions

    Generator works with a select range of partners providing proven and leading solutions

    PCI & Secure Network Management

    Mako delivers a security system to help secure and protect the capabilities of retailer's and distributed enterprise's IT networks. By uniquely combining firewall capabilities with Mako's PCI-DSS Level 1 certification it can assist businesses of any size to secure credit card data easily, reduce PCI scope, manage VPNs, provision Wi-Fi networks and provide 4G auto fail-over.

    Data Sharing, Payments & Analytics

    iControl provides retailers, consumer product goods companies, brokers, mainline distributors, and DSD wholesalers with a collaborative SaaS solution where they can share critical trading information such as POS activity in a normalized, harmonized, secure web portal. Our platform enables fact-based, timely, data-driven decisions that boost sales, reduce waste, promote efficiency, reward transparency, and align performance metrics. There are 30,000+ retail outlets involved in iControl’s programs in 50 states, over 120 retail banners, and over 3,500 suppliers participating.

    Cloud Based Communication

    RingCentral is a leading provider of flexible and cost-effective SaaS solutions for business communications including a cloud-based contact center solution. Unparalleled functionality, reliability, and value
    in one solution that’s easy to set up and manage.

    Online Product Information Management

    DataM8 helps optimize & grow sales across your retail channel. By presenting a consistent view of your brand and products DataM8 enables brands to retain control of product information and digital assets and for retailers to significantly reduce their internal costs of managing product content online. All simple to manage with DataM8's cloud-based platform.

    Contact our team on how an integrated approach to your operations using our technology solutions can help your business out-perform your competition.

  • RingCentral - Cloud Communications







  • Business Communications Made Easy

    Unparalleled functionality, reliability, and value RingCentral Office—the complete cloud phone system—easy to set up, easy to manage no matter where you are in the world.


    You get all these features for one low price:

    • Auto-Receptionist

    • Dial-by-name directory

    • Employee and department extensions

    • Music and messages on hold

    • Voicemail and visual voicemail

    • Unlimited audio conferencing

    • Caller ID • Call forwarding

    • Call recording

    • Android and iPhone app with VoIP

    • DocuSign® compatible

    • Mask personal cell phone number for business use

    • Integrations with Microsoft Office 365™, Outlook, Google, Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud, Zoho CRM, Zendesk and Desk.com

    • And much more


    It's easy and saves time and resources.

    Your cloud phone solution doesn’t require costly and complicated technical specialists.


    Admins can quickly and easily manage users, locations, and devices—anywhere, anytime. Users are empowered to control many of their own settings.

  • RingCentral Office editions and pricing

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  • Mako PCI Network Solutions





  • Reduce Your PCI Scope & Secure Your Network

    Generator recommends Mako PCI network devices. Mako offers the only PCI-DSS certified network management system for in-store secure credit and debit card transactions. The Mako System is uniquely designed to deliver a host of advanced services from a centrally managed interface in the cloud. Using a patented communications methodology, Mako Networks is able to help secure, protect and enhance the capabilities of business networks by combining certified firewall capabilities with PCI-DSS compliance.


    • PCI-DSS certification – Protect your business with Mako’s PCI-DSS certified wireless LAN. Use Mako’s pre-completed template to reduce and fulfil your PCI compliance and reduce internal administration. In addition, Mako can replace your costly expensive MPLS connectivity.
    • VPN Management – easily deploy and manage VPN’s across your network with 3-clicks with Mako’s Cloud Management Platform. Remove costly VPN 3rd party solutions
    • Wi-Fi Networks – easily provision segmented Wi-Fi networks for staff and customers in your locations.
    • 4G LTE Auto fail-over – continue to accept payments should your primary internet connectivity go down or is unreliable.
    • All-in-one capability - One integrated solution that provides affordable and easy-to-manage PCI network security, 4G/3G failover, wireless LAN, central management and 24x7 monitoring and alerting.
    • Cost savings - Eliminates the cost and complexity of managing multiple point solutions with dozens of staff and contracts.


    The PCI-DSS compliance standards for transactions over broadband and IP networks mean your business will be responsible for credit card fraud if found non-compliant. Last year it cost companies billions of dollars. 60% of businesses reporting a breach have gone out of business within 6 months.


    It’s important to understand that PCI compliance is an ongoing concern rather than a one-time expense. Small changes to the network can break compliance at any time.


    PCI DSS Compliance

    Reduce your PCI scope

    Mako's unique Level One PCI DSS certification and solution can assist merchants of any size to secure credit card data.


    The Mako System applies a pre-configured compliance template to payment networks, ensuring that outside threats are kept at bay with world-class security technologies, and internal network settings are applied and maintained to provide constant, assured compliance.


    If your business processes, stores or transmits credit card data, it must meet a special set of security criteria known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). The PCI DSS ensure that a baseline of security is in place and help reduce the risk of credit card fraud, but for many businesses, implementing the PCI DSS can be a difficult and expensive undertaking.


    That’s why Mako has developed a unique system that simplifies PCI DSS compliance, delivered for a low monthly fee.


    Cloud-Based Management

    Efficient and simple management

    Perform network administration and configuration from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.


    Mako appliances have no buttons to press, or switches to flip: all device functions are controlled through a powerful software package that configures and manages each connection.


    Drastically reduce the need for site visits using the Mako Central Management System. Thanks to a unique communications protocol, Mako devices can be managed remotely, from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and a web browser. Administrators need only to log in, and get complete visibility to all their network locations and connections, making it easy to assess and manage their network in one place.


    That’s why it’s so easy to deploy the Mako System: just log in to the secure website, plug in an appliance, and you’re all set. Networks can be up and running in minutes.


    And with centralized remote access from the cloud, administrators can remotely diagnose and troubleshoot any network problems from afar. The Central Management System contains powerful tools that can provide information about conditions at the user end of a network connection.

    Click here for a comparison of Mako devices and download a Mako overview here.

    Please contact us for further information on how Mako can drastically reduce your PCI scope and secure your in-store networks.

  • DataM8 - Online Product Management




  • Online Product Catalog Management in the Cloud

    Designed for brands and retailers, DataM8 provides a simple and cost-effective way to syndicate and manage product information online.


    This can include product specifications and digital assets including product images and videos, user guides, reviews and support material.


    For brands we understand how important it is to ensure your marketing assets are used accurately to present your brand and products across your sales network. Being able to ensure accuracy of product information and imagery presented to end-customers is key to establishing, growing and supporting your Brand identity.


    By centralizing the distribution of product information you ensure control and updates are retained by you, and should there ever be an issue you can trust in DataM8's dynamic delivery to instantly transmit the corrected data straight to your channel retail network.


    As a retailer you know the value of having quality and compelling product information that enables your business to be seen as the first option for your product range. Managing digital and content management platforms both instore and online can be prohibitive and costly. Gaining access to the brand-supplied product information through the DataM8 platform enables you to present accurate and up-to-date information, reduce your internal, costs and optimize your SEO position.



    Streamline your Online and Marketing processes with dynamic brand-supplied content that can be used to feed your online sales campaigns with a diverse content such as Video, Reviews, Product Specifications and much more.


    Visit our DataM8 site for more information.

    DataM8 Performance Advantage

    Highly visible results from Day 1

    Portfolio distribution, updates, images, specifications and more. Our Product Information System ensure maximum exposure and leverage of your digital asset portfolio.

    Centralized Distribution

    Your official source of product information

    Control your product data from one location and enable automated distribution of your marketing assets, ensuring brand compliance and partner participation.

    Retailer Support

    Simple Integration

    Simple to integrate, DataM8 delivers product information several times a day via automated data feeds to ensure retail touch points are accurate with the latest information.


    Robust and Scalable

    As with many leading edge platforms, DataM8 leverages 'smart cloud' computing to ensure against systems failure and to protect your business.

    Fully Featured

    Powerful Dashboard Features - Low Monthly Cost - No Contracts

    Take advantage of the full suite of DataM8 services and gain unique consumer demand intelligence, and asset distribution tools. This service offers a real advantage:

    • Flexible upload processes
    • Data maintained in your format
    • Access leading retail partners
    • Built in Disaster Recovery
    • 100% Distribution
    • Unlimited Product Information Depth
    • Campaign Asset Distribution
    • Rich Media Asset Integration and Distribution
    • Product Group Analytics

    Contact our team for further information on how DataM8's powerful product management solution can suit your business as a retailer, supplier or manufacturer and for pricing options.

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